Transurb Assists Eurostar in ETCS Upgrade

Transurb will mobilise a Contract Manager to assist in the ETCS on-board baseline upgrade of Eurostar International Limited (EIL).


The Belgian Royal Decree, issued 16 October 2018, requires that ETCS On Board running in Belgium shall be compliant with the baseline 2.3.0d or subsequent by December 2023.

Therefore, EIL decided to upgrade its ETCS on-board unit to baseline 3.4.0.

‚ÄčTransurb Mission

Transurb will contribute to the completion of this project by providing a Contract Manager to assist in the baseline migration with the following points:

  • Management plan including planning (schedule, budget and milestones), scope of work, spending, delivery and progress reports
  • Contract reviews
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder coordination (OBU supplier, Train Manufacturer, NoBo, DeBo, Infrastructure Managers)


ERTMS, ETCS, Contract Management, Cross-Border