ERTMS Expertise


The European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is nowadays the reference in railway signalling, not just a legal framework in Europe but a globally competitive technology. ERTMS has been referred to as the real backbone of the digital railway thanks to the automatic control system and communication infrastructure.

Located at the very heart of Europe, Belgium is a key location regarding ERTMS. Being positioned at the crossroad with the UK, France, the Netherlands and Germany, cross-border traffic came to be a significant challenge for our country. After having invested massively to upgrade its high-speed rail network, Belgium became the first country in Europe and second in the world to have contracted ERTMS tracks. 

Transurb Technirail is strategically based in Brussels and benefits from Belgium's longstanding railway tradition. Throughout the years and numerous projects, we have developed an array of expertise and specialised in ERTMS. Our projects can be classified into 5 services: Preliminiary Studies, Work Supervision, System Integrator, Safety & Interoperability Assessment, Training


ERTMS Projects

ERTMS Training Programme


Transurb’s significant expertise in ERTMS has allowed us to conceive different modules of ERTMS training. Our innovative method includes practical sessions with simulation tools and interactive workshops.

Transurb Academy has been organising ERTMS training for some years now, providing over one thousand railway professionals with a broad overview of the interoperability system.

Our ERTMS Training is based on flexible modules and can be fitted to your needs on-demand. Stay tuned for future sessions or ask us at for a tailor-made program for your company.