HLD77BE Lineas locomotives to be equipped with ETCS

Transurb has assisted The Signalling Company in its HLD77BE locomotive retrofit project and has equipped one of these locomotives with a hardware benchmark frame that includes experimental ETCS components.


The Signalling Company has been appointed by the Belgian freight operator Lineas to retrofit 88 units of HLD77BE locomotives with ETCS and TBL1+.

The first HLD77BE Linéas locomotive with ETCS will be put into service in 2024 and serial installations are planned between 2024 and 2025, in time for the Belgian ETCS deadline on 14/12/2025.


Transurb has contributed to the feasibility study of the installation of ETCS on HLD77BE locomotives. This phase comprises the equipment of one HLD77BE locomotive with a hardware benchmark frame. The latter is equipped with off-the-shelf experimental hardware components.

The first phase includes the following activities:

  • Benchmark frame design
  • Detailed installation plan
  • Benchmark installation safety analysis and demonstration of non-impact for Lineas
  • Installation of benchmark frame and benchmarked components

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