Technical assistance for SITARAIL in Abidjan

Transurb is providing technical assistance by reviewing SITARAIL network design study to understand the implications of the Right-Of-Way (ROW) involving the project of the Abidjan Metro Line 1.


SITARAIL, a subsidiary of Bolloré Africa Logistics, has the concession to operate Ivory Coast railway lines.

The private company seeks an external input able to assess the exploitation of the network by ensuring the following aspects:

  1. routine maintenance of the track in optimal conditions for railway workers
  2. operation of the track under satisfactory conditions

​Transurb Mission

For this multidisciplinary project, Transurb provides technical assistance by consulting the regulations in force both national and international concerning:

  • geometric characteristics of railways
  • ROW transport of hydrocarbons by tank wagons
  • operation of a single track of a railway network


Technical Assistance, Regulations, Transport Services, Ivory Coast