Transurb is Technical Consultants for Norwegian ERTMS programme

norwegian line with balise

NORWAY - Transurb Technirail has been appointed Technical Consultants to the Norwegian ERTMS national implementation project.

With its 70 million passengers per year, 4224km of track, 339 stations railway network and 31,4 million fright tonnes per year, the norwegian railway network is ageing and some spare parts of the existing equipment are obsolete. In order to ease the maintenance and enhance the reliability, the capacity, Jernbaneverket has been required by the state to develop a plan for rolling ou ERTMS country wide. 

This Norwegian ERTMS programme covers the renewal or implementation of interlocking, axle counters, point machines, traffic management system, level crossings. It also includes 600 ETCS trainborne system and the ETCS trackside (RBC, balises).

Through a framework agreement, Transurb will provide Jernbaneverket with technical consultancy in order to support a smooth development of this challenging project.