Transurb launches ERTMS Training with Train@Rail

An innovative ERTMS training programme will be launched by Transurb, a subsidiary of Belgian Railway, from Mai 2016 in collaboration with Train@Rail*, the Belgian railway Institute.

This training includes theoretical sessions and innovative practical sessions using interactive simulation tools intended to illustrate the main features of ERTMS. Particular attention is paid to the pedagogical approach. Trainers have extensive experience in ERTMS in Belgium and abroad. In addition Transurb will present to trainees real cases and return of experience coming from its international experience and a view of new technologies and functionalities under development in the ERTMS and signalling field as well as its experience in simulation techniques.

Training sessions are designed for railway people interested to discover or improve their knowledge on ERTMS and its implementation. Specific sessions will be organized according to the area of interest: infrastructure or rolling stock. The training will include ERTMS trackside and on-board aspects, track to train integration, testing, certification and project management of ERTMS projects based on the experience of Transurb’s specialists on Belgian and international railway context.

For more information please contact Transurb at the following address:


* Train@Rail is certified QFor, the quality assurance certification for training institutes