Master thesis in collaboration with Transurb: On site testing to Lab testing

Currently in Belgium, it is mandatory to perform all Track-Train Integration tests on site. Experience shows that on site testing results in important project delays and significant budget increases.

Transurb set up the platform and coached the development of a master thesis that aims at demonstrating the possibility of performing laboratory tests for ETCS functionalities on a Belgian infrastructure. With the use of the real track data results of a test campaign performed in collaboration with Belgorail, a 33% subsidiary of Transurb, a full integration test run was recreated on a simulator. The scenario was then processed and compared with the original JRU data log of its corresponding on site run. The close similarities of the results obtained through simulation confirmed the accuracy of the model.  The objective was achieved, opening the door to launch the transition from on-site testing to laboratory testing in Belgium.

Transurb has actively participated in the development of this master thesis, offering resources, expertise and training to the student during more than 8 months with an extraordinary success.