CSM and Interoperability manager of Banedanmark Signalling Programme in Denmark


In 2008, the Danish infrastructure manager Banedanmark has set up a national Signalling Programme, which is expected to be implemented in 2030. This full signalling renewal aims at increasing performance and reducing operations and maintenance costs. Its scope includes the implementation of ERTMS L2 Baseline 3MR1 (SRS 3.4.0) across the country's conventional network (Fjernbanen) and the conversion of the Copenhagen commuter-system (S-bane) to CBTC.

This Signalling Programme includes multiple projects, among others:

  • GSM-R
  • Traffic Control Centers
  • New operational rules
  • Training of traffic management staff, signalling technicians and train drivers
  • Safety approvals
  • Enterprise Service Bus

Transurb's mission

Transurb's Senior Expert joins the integrated team as CSM and Interoperability manager in order to help Banedanmark on interoperability, safety (RAMS/CSM) and approval issues regarding ERTMS trackside & onboard systems.