Assistance to the Centre Val de Loire Region in France


The whole history of the TERs, since the 1980s, underlines the difficulties of the Regions in obtaining an objective view of the cost elements presented by the SNCF with the unpleasant impression of seeing themselves gradually being transferred more and more important expenses without sufficient negotiating capacity. 
With SNCF Réseau's budgetary deadlock on lines 7 to 9, the Regions may objectively worry about finding themselves faced with an equivalent mechanism for transferring expenditure, without being able to control it, at the risk of having to assume the closure of the lines concerned.  

In this context, the public authorities have just put in place, with the Lom and the law on the railway pact, mechanisms enabling the Regions to take on more responsibility in this area, with a real opening up to competition but also conditions for the transfer of personnel currently assigned to these missions. 

Transurb's Mission

An experienced team of 6 experts is put at the disposal of the Region to provide them with all the necessary skills. This team is made up of 3 divisions: 

  • Strategy, managed by Mensia Conseil 

  • Legal, managed by Seban & Associés 

  • Technical, headed by a Multimodal & Digital consultant, and composed of an expert in infrastructure management from Transurb. 

Transurb’s expert will provide technical expertise on the operational management of railway infrastructure.