Appointment of Yannick Gilis as new CEO of Transurb

As from 1 July 2018, Transurb Simulation’s general manager, Yannick Gilis, will succeed Peter Van Gaelen and become Transurb SA’s new Chief Executive Officer. M. Gilis graduated in industrial engineering and has been working for Transurb for 14 years. He held different positions inside the Simulation Business Unit, the latest being General Manager.

How is Transurb Structured?

Transurb SA is divided into three business units: Transurb Technirail, ARCS and Transurb Simulation. Transurb Technirail is the historical business unit. It has been active in professional services and consultancy in rail and urban mobility around the world for 40 years. ARCS provides management and advice for rail projects, with a particular expertise in ERTMS. Finally, Transurb Simulation has been delivering simulation solutions dedicated to rail driving for 16 years. The first two BU are located in Brussels, while Transurb Simulation’s premises are located in Namur, on one of the Belgian National Railway Company’s maintenance sites.

A Promising Future

Transurb is a fast-growing company, achieving more and more ambitious goals every year by working in a very strong team spirit and with an innovative and pragmatic approach.

Regarding Transurb Simulation, Gauthier Van Damme, who has been working in our beloved business unit for the past 4 years and was successfully holding the position of Head of Projects for almost 2 years, will take over M. Gilis' functions as General Manager.

We are extremely happy and confident about both nominations, especially since we all know that M. Gilis and M. Van Damme will endorse their new positions’ inherent responsibilities with due diligence and guide the company towards a promising future driven by the will to offer our clients the best rail solutions and services with the latest technologies.


On behalf of all the members of Transurb SA, we wish them both good luck and a lot of success in their new professional adventure.

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