Technical assistance for SNTF Training Center in Algeria

Transurb is offering technical assistance in 2019 to the National Company for Rail Transport in Algeria (SNTF) in two aspects. First, in the maintenance of railway installations of SNTF and, second, in the optimisation of the training centre of Annaba.


SNTF was looking to address two objectives: On the one hand, the optimisation of the Education Centre of Annaba, notably of the Human Resources department and the preparation of a training programme. On the other hand, the maintenance of the INFRA infrastructure through planning and reorganisation with an added environmental component.

Transurb Mission

Transurb offers support in the decision making for the development of the regional training centre of Annaba:

  • Situation analysis
  • Training session directed at the permanent staff
  • Analysis of the training structure and performance
  • Proposals for possible solutions

This identification of problems and solutions for the actual site will serve as a model for similar educational centres in the future.

The technical assistance of the maintenance covers:

  1. Fixed installations: track, catenary, telecommunication system and railway signalling system; and quality levels review
  2. Railway safety analysis and correction proposal
  3. Environment: identification of sensitive points and integration within the framework of the company management
  4. The organisation of the maintenance
  5. Strategy maintenance of the installation


Technical Assistance, Training Centre, Maintenance

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