Brake function Audit and Diagnosis for ONCF in Morocco

Transurb has been requested by ONCF to carry out an audit and diagnosis of ONCF’s ZM railcars electrical multiple unit fleet brake function.


ONCF sought to certify manoeuvring techniques involving the brake function of its 12 ZM railcars fleet. Therefore, an analysis of the railcars braking system state, as well as of its operation and its maintenance, was needed to identify any necessary upgrade or improvements. ZM railcar is similar to Belgian railways’ AM80 railcar.

Transurb Mission

Transurb reported on the brake function operational state and on its maintenance process & organisation in view also of providing recommendations for improvement or evolution of the current braking system and its maintenance. The assignment included:

  • Audit and diagnosis of the ZM rolling stock brake function
  • Return of experience (REX) from the Belgian railways on state-of-the-art evolutions regarding this railcar braking system as well as its maintenance process
  • Review of the brake function maintenance organizational framework to identify any reinforcement that could positively impact the mastery of the maintenance process
  • Detailed expertise reports and recommendations


Rolling Stock, audit, diagnosis, brake

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